Sunday, March 24, 2013

How To Get More Views On Youtube


in this guide i will show you how to get more views,subscribers,likes and comments on your youtube videos.

*those are a real views so you dont have to worry about your video getting suspended.

how to get more views,subscribers,likes and comments on your youtube videos

to start with the method you have to sign up for a few website from the website list that below
(those websites will give you the views |the best website from them is u2bviews so i recommend to sign up for u2bviews first!)



How Those Sites Work
You Download a software that surf alone between video clips on youtube and  you get points for it
After that you can use the points you earned to put your video on the site and decide how many hits you will get and how much he likes, subscribers and comments

here are a videos about each program
video about U2BVIEWS
video about Vagex  

Video about HitLeap :
 Video about ADDMEFAST:

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